It's natural that you'll want to provide your child with the best frames and lenses you can. And with so many different types to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones to go for.

Deciding what's best for your child

Offering specially designed Kids' glasses in clear plastic, coloured tint and even sunglasses, there is something here for everyone. The Kodak Lenses of Kidz range has been created to suit children's growing eyes and faces, as well as the hectic lives they lead. So with Kodak Lens, you know your child will enjoy quality and style, as well as strength and durability.

The right lenses for your child

With children safety comes first. That's why Kodak lenses use plastic lenses as standard for children. Hardwearing and light to wear, plastic lenses are much safer and more comfortable than glass lenses.

For a more durable choice - speak to your eyecare practitioner about Kodak Activelite Lenses - lighter and 10 times more impact resistant than a standard lens.

Choosing the right frame for your Kodak Lens

No two heads are the same, which is why we have devised an exclusive 10 point fitting checklist to ensure your child's frames are a perfect fit.

Kodak Lenses 10 point check list

  1. Pupillary distance
  2. Apical radius
  3. Height
  4. Temple width
  5. Head width
  6. Distance between rims
  7. Pantoscopic tilt
  8. Length to bend
  9. Downward angle of drop
  10. Length of drop

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