High definition vision

Old fashioned televisions compared to new digital

Modern technology has improved the performance of many products that we use every day – for example the look and performance of an old black and white television compared to a modern flat screen television receiving a high definition signal are worlds apart – which would you rather watch?

It’s the same with spectacle lenses – why have lenses that are manufactured using old fashioned methods when you could be viewing the world through lenses individually crafted to suit you using the latest in Digital Freeform technology.

The advantages are clear:

Conventional vs Digital Lens comparison

Conventional Lens

Prescription inaccuracies can occur at the periphery of the lens

Digital Lens

Sharper vision right to the edge of the lens


Up to 12% thinner and 20% flatter than conventional lenses and personalised with laser engravings of your initials*

Advanced options and coatings

Kodak Digital Lenses are available as single vision and Progressive and as Thin & Lite with CleAR and Clean ‘N’ CleAR coatings. Also available as UVSun Polarised,  SunSensors and Transitions.

Where can I buy Kodak Digital Lenses?

Like all our technologically advanced lenses, Kodak Digital Lenses are available from approved Kodak Lens Distributor.

Simply use our Distributor locator to find your nearest distributor.

If there are any optical words or phrases you're not sure of please visit our glossary, or you can go to our Understanding Lenses Section to find out more about how we make our lenses.

*Compared to conventional CR39 single vision lenses, effect will depend on prescription and frame choice

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