According to research undertaken by the Royal National Institution for the Blind, 1 in 5 children could be having difficulties at school because of poor eyesight. What's more alarming is that your child may not be able to determine whether their eyesight could be improved. So it's worth taking 30 minutes of your time to go and get your child's eyes tested from an early age.

Through regular eye examinations, eyecare practitioner can spot and treat conditions that may otherwise hamper your child's development..

Your eyecare practitioner will determine how often the eye examination should be performed.

Caring for your child's eyesight

Your child's sight is precious, it helps them to learn and gain the most from the wonderful world that surrounds them. Discover how you can take care of their vision now and in the future.

Getting the right lenses for your child

Give your child the very best. Choose Kodak Lenses for Kidz and discover the personal care and attention that we give every child to ensure they have the right lenses and frames.

Top tips on spectacle care and visiting an eyecare practitioner

Treat your visit to the eyecare practitioner as a fun and exciting day out, and your children will enjoy the special care and attention that is being devoted to them.

Kidz learn and play zone

Learn some fantastic facts, discover the world behind your eyes and test your skills with a range of amazing optical illusions. The fun starts here.

If there are any optical words or phrases you're not sure of please visit our glossary, or you can go to our Understanding Lenses Section.

Where can I buy Kodak Lenses for Kidz spectacles?

Like all our technologically advanced lenses, Kodak Lenses for Kidz are available from approved Kodak Lens Distributor.

Simply use our Distributor locator to find your nearest distributor.

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